Article In Mountain Mail Re: Donation to Friday Enrichment Program

Salida’s Friday Enrichment Program recently received a boost in funding with a $1,000 donation from Monarch Community Outreach.

Monarch Community Outreach, a nonprofit affiliated with Monarch Mountain, donates money each month to individuals and community service groups.

This month’s donation was deposited Feb. 14 into the Support Our Salida Schools fund, which is the source for all Friday Enrichment funding, said Shannon Daileader, Friday Enrichment program coordinator.

The gift to the Friday Enrichment Program will be used this spring and fall for marketing, to manage student registrations for Friday programs, to reimburse instructors, to pay for materials and to expand scholarships, said Daileader.

The city’s Friday Enrichment Program plays an important role in the lives of both parents and children in Salida, said Daileader.

“Friday is a day when many parents are looking for meaningful activities for their children, as school is not in session. The Friday Enrichment Program provides not only a referral service to assist parents and students in obtaining quality care and Friday programs, but also partners with various local organizations.”

Monarch Community Outreach board member Susan Boucher said the philanthropic group’s funds primarily come from voluntary employee donations, which the ski area matches, as well as candy machines and donation boxes at the resort.

Although the minimum voluntary employee donation is $1 per pay period, the size of Monarch’s workforce – about 300 employees – and the fact that Monarch matches the funds result in a steady stream of money for groups like Friday Enrichment, said board member Gregg Wolfgang.

Since 2004, Monarch Community Outreach has donated $136,643 to dozens of organizations in the Upper Arkansas River Valley, according to the group’s website.

A correction to the total amount given since 2004 was requested. The correct amount at time of printing was $157,630.

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