Donations to Five Local Organizations

The MCO Board met at Monarch Mountain on February 9th.  The Board approved donations to five different organizations totaling $3500!

Support Our Schools Salida (SOSS) was given $1000 in support of the Friday Enrichment programs.  These programs further the learning opportunities outside of the traditional classroom setting while pairing students with parents, business owners, non-profit project managers, outdoor educators, artists, musicians, and other trainers.

The MCO Board also donated $1000 to the Alpine Achievers Initiative which is piloting a “Backyard to Backcountry” youth program that is designed to get K-12 youth outside.  The funds will be used to help overcome a major barrier to kids pursuing outdoor activities by helping to purchase adequate outdoor clothing and equipment for youth in need.

The Wet Valley Saddle Club was given $500 in support of a scholarship that helps to teach and preserve our western heritage and culture to local youth, by continuing its traditional events and lifestyle.  Events include the stampede rodeo, trail rides, and overnight horse camping.

MCO also donated $500 to the Salida PTO in support of the documentary “Screenagers.”  This movie explores the struggles that today’s youth face over social media, video games, academics and internet addiction.

Finally, the MCO Board donated $500 to the Salida High School-After Prom in support of providing a safe environment for high school students after Prom through food, prizes and gift certificates.

The MCO Board will meet next on March 8th at Monarch Mountain.

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