Monarch Community Outreach board surpasses $200,000

by Sam Klomhaus
Mail Staff Writer

The Monarch Outreach Community board announced at its October meeting that the organization has surpassed $200,000 in charitable donations since its inception and has met its 2018 donation goal of $25,000.

“We think that’s pretty significant, for a small little organization like we are,” Monarch Community Outreach board Vice President Susan Boucher said.

Boucher said the organization couldn’t have reached this milestone without  the employees of Monarch and members of the community.

Boucher said the board hasn’t decided what next year’s goals will be.

Revenue has dropped off since the end of ski season, but it will pick up again when Monarch employees go back to work, Boucher said.

Monarch Community Outreach is loosely affiliated with Monarch Mountain. All the board members are former Monarch employees, and the organization is primarily funded by Monarch employee contributions, which Monarch matches.

Since inception, Monarch Community Outreach has given $202,143, with $26,450 coming this year so far.

Monarch Community Outreach was formed in 2003 but didn’t begin donating until 2004. The group gave out $500 that year, Boucher said.

Boucher said the board set the goal for 2018 at $25,000, knowing that if they fell short at least they’d have tried.

Anybody can donate, Boucher said. They don’t have to be a Monarch employee.

“We’re really appreciate to have all the support we’re getting,” Boucher said.

All the donations go to charitable organizations, humanitarian causes and families in need, Boucher said.

Donations from Monarch Community Outreach usually run from $500 to $1,000, Boucher said, but there have been larger donations. Earlier this year Monarch Community Outreach gave $2,500 to the Alliance.

Boucher said she can tell the organization is getting pretty big because organizations from Denver and Grand Junction have been applying for donations. Boucher said the Monarch Community Outreach would rather the money stay in this area.

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